I'm excited to help you find your style, let's get started.

Wear Your Brand Styling Package

Everything you need for a cleansed & organized closet that caters for every occasion, and incorporates your personal and professional style. From the must have wardrobe basics, to accessories you need, to what to wear for every occasion, you’ll learn how to create a wardrobe you love and that reignites the fun back into getting dressed!


We work together for four months, face to face sessions and virtual support . Together, we shop your closet, edit some things out, and work to make many ‘new’ and amazing outfits from what you already have. Then we fill in the holes of what is needed to make it easy and effortless to put it all together on your own and head out the door.

Suze's Style Salon

A new forum for learning how to identify the items that flatter and how to put together new outfits from the items you already own!


Each Style Salon will incorporate a seasonal theme as well as a mini stying session included in the curriculum.  Guests are encouraged to bring 2 or 3 garments or accessories they aren’t wearing, or would like to wear more. 


 All while enjoying a wine & cheese ladies night atmosphere.

Virtual Styling Package

1. 90 minute virtual consultation / style assessment & session.  I’ll get to know you, the nuances of your business, brand and lifestyle. We'll get clear on your style aesthetic, asses your current wardrobe contents and make a plan for all of your wardrobe needs.


2. Custom digital mood board to represent your unique style, complete with specific outfit examples which you'll be equipped to easily recreate with the new pieces I find for you, and your existing wardrobe. We'll go over everything in a 30 minute phone call, where you can provide your feedback and any edits that you'd like see before we move on to shopping.


3. Shopping. The fun part! I'll hand select a collection of pieces and present them to you digitally, each carefully chosen to help create your new style outfits.


4. Follow-up video call after you've received your orders, we'll go over the new pieces, I'll show you how to incorporate them into your existing wardrobe, and how to make many new outfits for work, play and special events.


5. On-call stylist for 30 days. Text me in the morning when you're getting dressed, trying on the new clothes you ordered from your list, or going out for events.  I'll help you make the perfect outfit on the spot.

Book Suze for Your  Event

Need an engaging, knowledgeable and inspiring speaker to empower the women in your life to become their most confident and stylish self? 


Suze loves speaking to women of all ages to give them her top style tips and help them with their work, weekend, date night wardrobe, and more. 


From lunch & learn at a bank for the female employees to an exclusive Girls Night style seminar, Suze can share her coveted tips in a variety of helpful and entertaining ways! 


Book Suze for your next event:


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