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Why have your fellow authors signed up?

Here are the reasons in their own words...

To learn the business side of being an indie author​.

My author business has grown a lot this year; far faster than my haphazard book keeping and business planning. I need to get that in order and plan for the continued growth I know is coming.

Ending year two of my self-publishing journey as far as the IRS is concerned. Next year I plan (hope) to show a profit. Seemed like the right time!​

to learn how to treat my writing as a business and not give so much away to taxes!​

To take my business seriously.

I'm not organized properly as a business and I know that means I'm both increasing my uncertainty and leaving some money on the table.

To work out a plan to build and expand my current business.​

Because I want to run a smart business

Your Financial Team

Hired by AMAZON TOP 100* authors to run their back office, because they trust us to organize their business and provide our expertise in helping creatives build and protect wealth.


While you might not be in a position to hire us to run your business we can show you the same system we use with our private clients.


* not top in some obscure category but the overall best seller list


I work with top 100 authors on Amazon helping them build out back-office operations and high-level strategies to grow their brand. I'll let you in on a little secret— they, like millions of other business owners—struggled when it came to setting up their business. All of them would have benefitted from having the guidance we offer in this course at the start of their career, and maybe even made more money. Certainly, they would have saved time and headaches.  


My teaching draws from my twenty years experience in entrepreneurship and consulting with hundreds of business owners who struggled with the same problems you face. We'll give you the foundation that millions of entrepreneurs (not just authors) need to build a solid business. You will tap into the experience, tools, and systems I have developed to shortcut the time it takes for you to be a full time ceo of a publishing business.


I'm a seasoned financial professional, with over 25 years of experience handling finance and organization issues for high profile individuals, families and companies. Ten of those years were spent as a Finance Leader in Oprah Winfrey's Family Office. Prior to working personally for Oprah Winfrey, I honed my analytical and coaching/training skills at PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte & Touche and BNY Mellon. 


Lisa is a Certified Public Accountant and Certified Financial Educator. She is a member of the AICPA in the Personal Financial Services sector.


The Modules!

New Module

What does it mean to treat your writing like a business?


It is a mind set and a way of treating what you do as an author. This module helps you to understand YOUR purpose for writing and builds that into the plan for your business.


Sure you want to live of the proceeds of your writing, but what does that look like and how do you navigate the path from where you are today to that vision of the future.  This module does just that.


You learn the difference between Sole Proprietorship and a Limited Liability Company. Besides the Pro's and Cons of each, you will get up to speed as to what the IRS expects of you as a Sole Proprietor.  


You will see the benefits of separating your business and personal identity

By the end of this module, you will have formalized your sole proprietorship. Then you will put systems in place to operate the business. Included is evaluating if DBA is required, and how to go about putting in place a separate business identity.

This module walks you through our simple but effective systems for managing your business.


The systems will help you to structure your business in line with your financial goals. Best of all these are not generic business practices, but our learning from running indie publishing businesses for top earning authors.


How to plan your cash needs, what to expense and why, document organization and copyright are all addressed in this module.

Earn over $400, and you need to file a schedule C, you also have self-employment tax obligations along with you traditional income tax obligations.


This module shows you how to stay compliant and minimize the time you spend managing your business. We will show you how to be tax efficient and complaint. You will also learn about qualified business income deduction.

What Authors Have to Say...

Craig Martelle


"I worked as a business consultant with Fortune 500 companies for seven years, but when I have a small-business question, I ask Joe Solari. He understands and will help you keep more of your hard-earned money."

Bill Patterson


"Folks: Joe Solari is the absolute bomb. Kind, patient, and full of great wisdom. He has helped me reorient my thinking about my writing business, and he is totally ethical as well. I highly recommend that writers of all levels (and business-wise,"

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If you've been looking for self publishing business help, keep reading.


Your prayers have been answered.

You never planned to be juggling so much. Like most authors you just set out to tell a story that needed to be told. Now your passion has become a worry and a burden. You wonder if you're doing the right things for tax compliance, you struggle with visibility on profits and return on investment, and when you do talk to the "expert" they don't' have a clue about  what's involved with self publishing.

Learn what you need to do to be successful.

Early stage authors have to wear multiple hats. You have to be the creative, the marketer, the finance person and the CEO. Even if you are fortunate enough to see your sales growing and look to hire an accountant or someone like us to do your books, you need to learn how to interpret the results of your business.

What you will learn is unlike any other course for authors!

Unfortunately there is no shortage of online course for authors, but there is no one offering content focused on helping authors with their business. 


We will show you how to build a system that will convert your creativity into wealth.

That's right this is about how to build wealth not shuffling paper.

Yes, we will help you get your business manageable. Sure we will save you more in taxes than you'll spend with us, but where we really help authors is with accumulating and protecting wealth produced from literary work.

This doesn't stop with you quitting your day job. No, that's just one milestone you'll pass on your journey of wealth creation.  You see Lisa and I believe that how we best serve is helping you and your family build a stable financial foundation. Taxes and business systems are just some of the tools we use to make that happen.

Is this Course Right for You?

The course provides step by step instruction to build a system to manage your sole proprietorship.


More than just a methodology to have an effortless and accurate tax return, this program teaches you a scalable system that will take you from extra income through earning a living. to creating wealth from your writing.


Best of all it is purposely designed for Authors.


  • If you earn between $400 - $11,500 annually from your book sales.

  • If you have a day job where you get paid on a W-2 and have losses from your book business.

  • If you wonder how to report your taxes from book sales or how to organize your business.

  • Only those serious about the business of writing.


  • If you earn more than $11,500 from your writing. Check out our Biz Ops Bootcamp


If your not 100% happy I will refund your money. Yes, you can go through the whole course and then ask for your money back.  

What you learn to do with taxes and expenses will cover the fees of this course, then some! If you do the work and don't see that kind of result then you should get your money back.

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