A Stylist's secrets to effortlessly packing a versatile travel wardrobe.

  • Knowing exactly what items of clothing and shoes to bring in your lightweight efficiently packed bag.

  • Feeling like a million $$ on your trip, knowing what to wear every single day.

  • No more asking a burly guy to hoist your bag up into the overhead bin.

  • No matter what happens, you'll have a cohesive wardrobe with you that allows you to adapt to weather or itinerary changes.

  • No more extra bag fees.

  • No more opening your bag at your destination asking yourself "why didn't I bring ..." or "why did I bring..."

  • Your bag will contain a curated, cohesive wardrobe more versatile than a Swiss army knife

Do you routinely open your bag at your destination to a suitcase full of regret about what you chose to bring and what you forgot?  

Weekend getaway, business conference or multi-city vacation, clients frequently tell me how stressful it is trying to decide what to bring and what to leave home. The anxiety of not knowing the environment, culture and climate sends them into a panic and can take hours going through everything in their closet trying to anticipate what will be needed at their destination.  

Imagine instead, a single light carry on that holds a coordinated collection of your wardrobe that matches your trip itinerary. Even better if there are changes to your travel plans you have what you need in that bag to adapt.  

My three-step process will help you to be prepared, empowered and to get the most out of your trip. It is what I use myself and teach my clients who are frequent travelers.

Through the videos and documents in this self-guided course, I will show you how to apply these strategies:

  • Utilizing an itinerary and the weather forecast to make focused lists 
  • Prepare outfits, including accessories and outer wear, using my ‘3 X rule’ 
  • Harness the power of one main color story  
  • Pack efficiently and strategically  


Annese S.

“I was planning a month long trip to South Africa, and was worried about bringing too much, especially shoes. I would be making stops in New York, and didn’t want to pay the extra cost of checking luggage. Suze helped me plan and consolidate my outfits, and pack efficiently, so I could enjoy myself on my travels.” Annese Piazza

Beryl S.

"Previous to working with Suze, I would go out and buy a bunch of new clothes before a trip, that I didn't even really like that much. A waste of time and money, that I no longer do after using Suze's preparation strategies!” Beryl Stromsta  

Akli H.

""Before working with Suze, I would usually feel panicked before a trip and I always over-packed. After using Suze’s strategies for putting outfits together, on my last cruise I felt so sophisticated and put together, and truly a part of the places I was visiting, not like a tourist.” Akli Howell

LESSON ONE: Preparation

How to use your itinerary and weather forecast to plan your packing.

LESSON TWO: Selecting a Color Story  

Learn to harness the power of one main color story, to simplify and manage your travel wardrobe.

LESSON THREE: Business Casual Travel

Go in depth using a cool color story to create your packing list.

LESSON FOUR: Cool Accessories & Shoes 

Discover how a cool color palette of accessories can maximize your travel wardrobe outfits.

LESSON FIVE: Casual Travel

Go in depth using a warm color story to create your packing list.

LESSON SIX: Warm Accessories & Shoes

Discover how a warm color palette of accessories can maximize your travel wardrobe outfits. 

LESSON SEVEN: More on Accessories

Continued lesson on why accessories are so important and how to choose the right ones.

LESSON EIGHT: Work-Out, Lingerie, and Sleepwear

Uncover the secret to having the perfect lingerie, sleepwear and activewear travel wardrobe.


Prepare multiples of versatile and complete outfits, using my ‘3 X rule’.


Your insider look at how to pack efficiently and strategically.


Tips and tricks for making the most of your scarves.


Pack With Purpose

A Stylist's secrets to effortlessly prepping and packing a versatile travel wardrobe

  • Ten modules, including my scarf tying bonus; video lessons, written material and an action plan, detailing my 3 step system for prepping and packing, stress free.

  • Over two hours of video: each lesson is time stamped, making it easy to access the strategies and tips.

  • Four Style Sheets: visual flat lays of the clothes and accessories to inspire your travel wardrobe.

  • Lifetime access: watch the lessons whenever you want, as many times as you want, receive updates, and more! 

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