​What Members are saying:

Suze provided me with guidance to use the clothes I already have to make many more amazing outfits for date night and my casual workplace, without having to go shopping, what a time saver!

Kandace Regan

Owner Fitness Trainer

I love Suze's advice. I’m always surprised at how many new outfits I can find in my closet! Which is huge for me because I love to shop LOL.

My husband is happy when I’m shopping in my own closet ha ha. I also now have the awareness & a plan of what I need to shop for, to fill in the gaps!

Kerri Morris

Habits LIfe Coach


I am thrilled to be a part of Suze’s membership. With her help, I showed up as the Executive I knew I wanted to be and landed my dream job and doubled my income overnight!

Rachael Maruzarz

V.P. Development, Sinai Health System

Suze, I just watched your video on jeans and jackets, just fabulous info on both. Especially ‘wear three things of the same color, tone’ to accessorize… I’ve put it to good use already!

After a year of wearing nothing great (pretty horrible, actually), it’s like I was starting from scratch and had felt a little lost!  You are the best. I love my membership!" 

Clara Sage

Controller, Next Capitol Group

This is a significant investment. I have not spent this much on myself before.

Like becoming a doctor, lawyer, teacher, etc., we need the training to do so. There is very little out there that teaches the wardrobe strategies to reach success.  Don’t do it alone and waste precious resources of your time and money trying to get it right.  You will achieve the empowering wardrobe of your dreams much faster and efficiently, with style coaching, lessons, (yes, homework!) accountability, and support – that is what you get in the Style LAB Membership!  It is an investment in yourself, which means you will get a return on that investment!

I am so busy, I don’t know if I can do this program.

I get it - I'm a mom of twins, and wife to another results coach. I teach you how to time manage like a boss. If you want a thriving career and stress free life, with a wardrobe line-up to support it -- I can help you create it in the pockets of your days.

Can I use the membership as a tax to write off for my business?

Yes, you can; image consulting is a business expense, just like hiring an accountant to file your taxes!

Join the dynamic group of professional women all at various stages of their style journey…


Find the plan that’s right for you.


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