Wondering how to set up a publishing company? 

I can show you my proven system used by hundreds of other authors to;

  • Protect your assets 

  • Minimize taxes

  • Increase productivity

Best of all I guarantee if you don't see a tax savings after taking the course you get your money back.

There are structures and systems to build wealth faster.


  The concepts are from the Book “The Business Owner's Compendium” and provide a methodology for the business owner to set up the right systems and structures to improve wealth creation. Built the right way, with these systems working in concert, your company will reduce our workload and more importantly create more wealth for you. The diagram to the left shows the systems and structures.

Implementing what I teach you will improve your personal wealth and lifestyle next year over this year,


Even if your revenues stay the same you will have a higher standard of living if you use this system. 

Because you will have a business structure and system that maximizes your personal wealth, and that will produce higher cash flow to you on the same level of revenue through optimizing your taxes.


This isn't about choosing and llc or a corporation it is about using business tools to turn your creativity to cold hard cash then keep it!

Why Listen to me?

I work with top 100 authors on Amazon helping them build out back-office operations and high-level strategies to grow their brand. I'll let you in on a little secret— they, like millions of other business owners—struggled when it came to setting up their business. All of them would have benefitted from having the guidance we offer in this course at the start of their career, and maybe even made more money. Certainly, they would have saved time and headaches.  

My teaching draws from my twenty years experience in entrepreneurship and consulting with hundreds of business owners who struggled with the same problems you face. I'll give you the foundation that millions of entrepreneurs (not just authors) need to build a solid business. You will tap into the experience, tools, and systems I have developed to simplify operations, shortcut your startup, and achieve exceptional results.


Here is a screenshot of an example module

The Modules

Intake and introduction module where you learn about implementing a wealth creation and preservation strategy. This is all about you learning to be the best CEO for this business, so the chief investor (you) can sleep at night.

Here we discuss the types of business structures and get you prepared to incorporate your business. The best type of charter and why. Yes, by the end of this process you will have set up a legal entity to protect your assets. Then you will put systems in place to operate the business. This might sound scary but by you doing this with my help, the mystery will be gone.

This module walks you through the process of incorporating your business in your home state or a favorable state. This alone will save you a ton of time and fees. Best of all you know why it was set up for an indie publishing business.

Next, we will register your new company with the IRS so it has an EIN. We will elect to have your company treated as a sub-chapter S corporation for the most flexible a favorable tax treatment. 

This module covers your set up a record keeping and storage system that protects you against your own disorganized ways and in the case of a disaster.  

This organization will deliver systems to keep your record keeping and business processes in check.

Here you will get access to a range of boilerplate documents and agreements for running your publishing business. Basics like bank resolutions, and an operating agreement along with documents to use with vendors and collaborators.

This module includes the processes to set up operating agreements and registering your copyrights. 

There are loads of templates for you to use.

This module walks you through the process of getting your business accounts created and shows you how to use the free accounting software for your business.  

Upon completion, you will have set up all the necessary legal and tax structures as well as the associated accounts for your indie publishing business. Your business is up and running now we just need to point it in the right direction!

The final module provides you the processes to manage your new business so that it works for you, not the other way around. You will set goals for the business, establish a plan, then know what action to take to hit the goal.  

Completion of this course will create the systems and set the direction for your business. You and your new company will be part of an elite group that has determined that they are going to create independent wealth through content creation. Congratulations!

Expense strategies that will deliver real value. This module alone will pay for course in the taxes you save. Learn how to use the tax code to your benefit and maximize pre-tax expenses and post-tax cash flow.

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12 monthly payments for a total of $480


Monthly for 12 months

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Save with a single payment

Accountability Package

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