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Could all your profits evaporate with one fat finger mistake by a hapless administrator at Amazon?


Are you ready for the solution?


Worried that a change in the market will crash your author business?


Discover the path from vulnerable midlister to invincible bestseller.


Are you dreading Amazon’s next rule change? Have you taken course after course only to see your sales remain stubbornly flat?


Super Charge Your Fan Base will teach you how to turn your business rollercoaster into a smooth upward ride for the rest of your career.



After training hundreds of indies and running the back offices for multiple six-figure authors, author Joe Solari knows how to future proof your business. Super Charge Your Fan Base is the definitive guide for transforming customers into fanatics.


By learning how to build a direct-sales platform, you’ll weather uncontrollable changes in the publishing landscape, insulating yourself from disaster and growing your bottom line in the process. Insightful, straightforward, and focused on methodology, Solari's book uncovers exactly how to treat your fans like royalty and collect the income you deserve.


In Super Charge Your Fan Base, you’ll discover:

  • Why readers serve as the only metric that matters to your business
  • How to give customers exactly what they want and why they’ll reward you for it
  • How to develop strong relationships with the readers who matter most
  • How to protect your business against sudden changes in the market so you keep selling no matter what
  • How to create a direct-sales platform that maximizes your income… and much, much more!

Super Charge Your Fan Base is the easy-to-understand guide you need to permanently sustain your writing revenue. If you want to increase reader loyalty, maximize your income, and declare your business independence, then you’ll love Joe Solari’s intuitive resource.

About the Author: Joe Solari

I work with top 100 authors on Amazon helping them build out back-office operations and high-level strategies to grow their brand. I'll let you in on a little secret— they, like millions of other business owners—struggled when it came to setting up their business. All of them would have benefitted from having the guidance we offer in this course at the start of their career, and maybe even made more money. Certainly, they would have saved time and headaches.  

My teaching draws from my twenty years experience in entrepreneurship and consulting with hundreds of business owners who struggled with the same problems you face. I'll give you the foundation that millions of entrepreneurs (not just authors) need to build a solid business. You will tap into the experience, tools, and systems I have developed to simplify operations, shortcut your startup, and achieve exceptional results.

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